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Kroken Leather Lounge Chair by Ake Fribytter for Nelo, Sweden, 1970s

Kroken Leather Lounge Chair by Ake Fribytter for Nelo, Sweden, 1970s

These chairs are just about as comfortable as you will ever sit in. The frames are stained beech bentwood and work like a sling or spring, literally making you fall asleep within minutes.


A true Midcentury design icon, at the time of its manufacture pioneering new furniture construction technology consisting of structural yet flexible bent wood, this Swedish design by the famous Ake Fribyter, known as the "Kroken" lounge chair ads an air of comfort and luxury to any living room, study or bedroom. 


A hammock style matching brown canvas is what suspends the leather upholstery and the occupant into a cloud of comfort.


These specific examples come with their original and unmodified upholstery in dark brown tufted leather with a beautiful patina. More fascinating, Fribytter was able to incorporate into the design of this chair a removable and adjustable headrest ingeniously attached to the backrest of the structural frame. Being all original, it is in very good condition with no smells, nor stains it was manufactured by the now defunct Swedish brand Nelo in the mid 1970’s.


Height: 35.04 in (89 cm)

Width: 29.53 in (75 cm)

Depth: 37.01 in (94 cm)

Seat Height: 13.39 in (34 cm)


Condition: minor wear on the back of the leather, some color defects in the wood


Refinishing options: wood refinishing is available for additional cost, estimated at $300-$400

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