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Introducing a new resource for researching and sharing about the furniture and designs that you love. VNTG is passionate about preserving the stories and knowledge regarding design of all kinds, so we are building the world's most comprehensive database of home furnishings.

All About Wiki

A wiki is a decentralized, community effort (think Wikipedia), where all have free access and are invited to contribute to the knowledge base contained therein.

Information such as the designer's name and story, manufacturer, the year(s) of manufacture, production technique, variations, and other characteristics of each piece will become available for a wide array of items. If each person who sees this spends 5-10 minutes writing about their favorite piece and sharing their stories, this resource can rapidly become invaluable to every furniture lover worldwide.

We welcome you to the VNTG community.

The Origins of VNTG Wiki

While we believe in treasuring people and experiences in our lives above all else, for many of us our belongings are a pivotal part of that story. For some, the designs we choose to surround ourselves with are an expression of who and where we are at each stage of life. In other cases, an object that was passed down through generations is an embodiment of the history and stories that are also passed down.


Whatever the importance and the reason for your attachment or admiration for an item, we want to capture it and share it through  VNTG Wiki. We cannot wait to learn with you and watch as connections are formed through the stories that accompany each object.

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