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We are much more than your simple, run of the mill  furnishing business -- VNTG is the premier one-stop-shop for all your furnishing needs. We offer a radically different approach to the homesphere, a company run with a tech startup mindset, fully verticalized encompassing all possible segments of the industry under one unified umbrella. We are the premier provider for a wide range of specialized services, offering a wealth of products to meet all your furnishing, décor, art and technological needs. Our unparalleled staff offer superb quality products and services quickly and efficiently, delivering a level of attention and care unmatched in the market, thus creating an enjoyable, convenient, friendly and bespoke shopping experience like you have never seen before, so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy most, while effortlessly obtaining the look and feel you want.

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We offer an expert appraisal service to accurately assess the value of your pieces, thus allowing you to make informed decisions about their worth, whether you are bringing antique, vintage or modern quotidian trinkets or sought after masterpieces. ​

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VNTG is the ultimate source for exquisite furnishings, art and vintage decor among others. Through our robust relationship with private collectors near and far, our Habitué Advisory Cadre (HAC) department will work with you seamlessly at either auction or privately whether you are in looking to acquire or sell pieces. ​

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At VNTG, we specialize in historical and significantly important pieces, all of which go through a meticulous authentication process to ensure their originality to the highest degree of quality and caliber, be it for providing peace of mind that you are paying the right price for a unique piece or obtaining a fair return when finally letting go of that prised family heirloom.​

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There are times when life just gets too busy, and selling your belongings is not a priority - this is where VNTG comes in. Whether it is antique, modern or contemporary, you can be sure that VNTG will, with a commitment to our fiduciary duty, make sure you obtain or offload any item at the best value while maintaining your privacy in anonymized transactions regardless of provenance.​

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VNTG is the ideal destination for anyone looking for the perfect piece of furniture! With a stylish and curated selection of consignment pieces sourced from all over the world and all time periods we offer a range of services from those looking to find new homes to their treasured, vintage pieces to those seeking one-of-a-kind items to stand out in their home. Offering a new business model where the consignor gets to keep the majority of the profit, our commitment to quality and excellence in customer service is unsurpassed, ensuring that each and every purchase is an enjoyable experience.​

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Some would say that Curation is an art form in itself, and at VNTG we couldn’t agree more! Our team of ‘hunters’ never stop, and are constantly seeking out the most lust inducing, iconic pieces this world has ever seen. Whether you are looking for classic sophistication or modern style pieces that will make a statement in your home, we got you covered by selecting, organizing and looking after the items in our collection and exhibitions with new items arriving every day.​

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Sometimes you just wake up with this inner desire for change, but between all the plethora of daily responsibilities, errands, deadlines and a hectic modern lifestyle who can really dedicate time and conscious effort for simple additions or entire home makeovers? This is where VNTG shines being the embodiment of a resource for anyone looking to add character and style to their home that combines classic elegance, vintage-inspired charm and with modern sophistication. Our wide selection of pieces has been hand-picked for its unique quality and decoration diversity, paired with our team of talented and tasteful experts, at the end of the day you will feel like going home or to work at an entirely new place.​



Sometimes, what’s out there doesn’t really jive or fit with the look and feel one is seeking or envisioning, and for those moments one must have the courage, bring down all the walls, and go further than  ever before, and that’s where VNTG comes in! We work with a wide variety of artists, designers, sculptors, craftsmen and specialists at the pinnacle of their unique and diverse fields, allowing for a marriage between their talents and your vision to materialize what your heart’s desire, birthing pieces only limited by your own ability to dream. Come to VNTG, so together we bring your vision to life.

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Dealing daily with iconic pieces ranging from “still in production”, to “recently discontinued” to intricate, truly “one of a kind” examples that have existed in excess of a century, we recognize that sourcing parts, components, and materials can be a challenge. As a result, we at VNTG realized sometimes you just gotta think outside the box in order to bring these true treasures back to life. We look to welding, 3-D Printing, bespoke carpentry, sculpting and a variety of other disciplines allowing us to literally create parts to complete a piece. We work with a wide variety of artists, designers, sculptors, craftsmen and specialists allowing for a marriage between their talents and your vision to materialize your heart’s desire, birthing pieces only limited by your own ability to dream. Come to VNTG, so together we bring your vision to life.

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At VNTG, we prize the relationships we have built over the years, and as such were able overtime to form partnerships with some of the largest, most well-known and renowned brands this world has ever seen, thus allowing us to sometimes license and offer iconic and timeless pieces that have been in production ranging from decades to over half a century. If you are more inclined into buying brand new examples of recognizable superlatives in the furnishings realm, then VNTG is the place to go.​

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Pick-Up & Delivery

At VNTG, we know better than most how hectic life can be at times, and for all those instances logistics can be a synonym to nightmares, and that’s exactly where we come in! Be it for tiny little nick-necks to massive multi-piece furnishings necessitating several able-bodied strong individuals to transport, VNTG is here for you. We offer convenient door-to-door and in-home pick-up and delivery services, working with you and around your schedule to insure all your specific needs are met, whether you are bringing your favorite pieces home or decluttering Marie Kondo style.​


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We look forward to serving you and all your furniture needs!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee the highest quality of furnishing services for your home. Our experienced design team will help you create your dream home with the utmost care and attention to detail. All of our services come with a satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured that your home will be furnished to your exact specifications.

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