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About Us

VNTG, Inc. is a furniture store that caters to the modern home with a twist of mid-century design. Our team has a passion for furniture that is rooted in the past and a connectedness to the modern world. The collection at VNTG is always changing, as we source from around the country, and in some cases the world, and we consign with sellers with all kinds of unique furnishings from many eras. 


At VNTG, Inc., you can find unique pieces that will fit perfectly into your home. Come explore our selection and find something that will make your house feel like home.


Alex V.

I am your Hawaiʻi-based, globe-trotting vintage furniture aficionado. Perhaps due to close encounters with amazing examples of modernist design in childhood, I developed a love for the aesthetic. My past career as an executive in tech and energy never excited me as much as collecting amazing mid-century finds during the Covid-19 pandemic. I turned that passion into VNTG, Inc., where we help clients and shoppers curate their homes, grow their dream collections, and enhance their lifestyles. I hope you will stop by to talk story or pick out the pieces that will ignite your own passions.

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Check Out VNTG Wiki

VNTG Wiki is a community-based, user-driven initiative to catalog all furniture, art, design, architecture, machinery, and electronics, ever made.

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875 Waimanu Street

Suites 107 & 108

Honolulu, HI 96813


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